Green Globe International is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods incubator and holding company of intellectual property, companies, and products currently in the retail, advertising, cannabis, and hemp industries. Green Globe International and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture, market, and sell consumer goods, including herb and hemp smokables, rolling paper, cannabinoid sticks, nutritional supplements, skincare, and CBD products.

Hempacco Co., Inc. is disrupting the one trillion-dollar tobacco industry. It is publicly traded in Nasdaq under ticker symbol “HPCO”. Hempacco has celebrity manufacturing partnerships, private label, and large distributor partnerships.


Offers a kiosk solution for smart vending technology with advertising screens. They can sell any fast-moving consumer good product including nutraceuticals, CBD, skincare, and hemp smokables and wraps. Ownership = 100%

A partnership with Sonora Paper Company, Inc. producing The Real Stuff Hemp Smokables and hemp blunt wraps, hemp tubes, and hemp smoking cones. Ownership = 80%

Cali Vibes, Inc. is a partnership that produces and sells Delta 8 Hemp Smokes. Ownership = 75%

HPSD, Inc. is a partnership with Snoop Dogg to produce hemp-derived products like gummies, vapes, and blunts. Ownership = 50%

Hemp Hop Smokables is a partnership with Rick Ross and James Lindsay which sells Hemp CBD Smokables, Delta 8, and Hemp Rolling Paper.

Ownership = 50%

Cheech and Chong’s Hemp Company, Inc. is a partnership  with the comedy duo to produce and sell their line of Hemp CBD Cigarettes and Hemp Blunt Rolling Papers. Ownership = 50%

StickIt USA is a partnership that manufactures a line of cannabinoid sticks. Ownership = 50%

Joint venture with High Sierra Technologies to use patent pending technology to significantly take the cannabis aroma out of hemp. Ownership = 50%

Joint venture with Healthy Grains, the largest agricultural business exporter in Latin America, to produce and sell hemp cigarettes. Ownership = 50%

Market and sell hemp cigarettes and wraps, gummies, and other CBD-derived products in wrapped vending machines throughout Florida. Ownership = 50%


Green Star Labs, Inc. develops CBD, nutritional supplements, and beauty care consumer goods.

Green Star Labs, Inc. is a partnership with Curated Nutra LLC that develops and manufactures CBD, Nutritional Supplements, and Beauty Care Consumer Goods. Ownership = 50%

Skyscrapers NY


  1. Cannabinoids R&D and Manufacturing.
  2. Nutritional Supplement R&D and Manufacturing.
  3. Beauty Care R&D and Manufacturing.
  4. White Label and Private Label Partnerships in Beauty, Vitamins, and Cannabinoids.
Skyscrapers NY


  1. Capacity to launch new brands in CBD, Vitamins, and Beauty.
  2. Opportunity to place new brands into the company’s existing kiosk machines.
  3. Ability to establish new CBD and vitamins product lines for convenience stores.
  4. Boasts a cGMP, Organic and non-GMO certified (QAI), FDA certified state of the art facility.

Our team

GGII is supported by a solid and experienced management team and Board of Directors that share the company’s vision and enthusiasm. The Founder and Co-Founder have over 40 years of combined experience developing and selling fast-moving consumer goods.
Sandro Piancone


Sandro worked in wholesale distribution, sales, marketing and logistics as CEO of Hempacco, Primus Logistics, and UST. Sandro is the author of multiple books on sales and wholesale distribution and has twenty years of experience scaling companies since inception, funding them, finding the right team, and exiting profitably. Mr. Piancone started working in wholesale distribution in 2008.​​