Hempacco Co., Inc. is disrupting the one trillion-dollar tobacco industry. It is publicly traded in Nasdaq under ticker symbol “HPCO”. Hempacco has celebrity manufacturing partnerships, private label, and large distributor partnerships.


Offers a kiosk solution for smart vending technology with advertising screens. They can sell any fast-moving consumer good product including nutraceuticals, CBD, skincare, and hemp smokables and wraps. Ownership = 100%

A partnership with Sonora Paper Company, Inc. producing The Real Stuff Hemp Smokables and hemp blunt wraps, hemp tubes, and hemp smoking cones. Ownership = 80%

Cali Vibes, Inc. is a partnership that produces and sells Delta 8 Hemp Smokes. Ownership = 75%

HPSD, Inc. is a partnership with Snoop Dogg to produce hemp-derived products like gummies, vapes, and blunts. Ownership = 50%

Hemp Hop Smokables is a partnership with Rick Ross and James Lindsay which sells Hemp CBD Smokables, Delta 8, and Hemp Rolling Paper.

Ownership = 50%

Cheech and Chong’s Hemp Company, Inc. is a partnership  with the comedy duo to produce and sell their line of Hemp CBD Cigarettes and Hemp Blunt Rolling Papers. Ownership = 50%

StickIt USA is a partnership that manufactures a line of cannabinoid sticks. Ownership = 50%

Joint venture with High Sierra Technologies to use patent pending technology to significantly take the cannabis aroma out of hemp. Ownership = 50%

Joint venture with Healthy Grains, the largest agricultural business exporter in Latin America, to produce and sell hemp cigarettes. Ownership = 50%

Market and sell hemp cigarettes and wraps, gummies, and other CBD-derived products in wrapped vending machines throughout Florida. Ownership = 50%