Green Globe International Announces New Functional Beverages Company

Jorge Olson

March 22, 2024

GGII launches Lucky to Be Beverage, Co. to penetrate the functional beverage market with hemp, cannabinoids, mushrooms, and nutraceuticals

San Diego, California–(Newsfile Corp. – March 13, 2024) – Green Globe International, Inc. (OTC Pink: GGII) (“GGII”), a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods incubator, and Good Stuff Manufacturing, LLC (“GSM”) renowned for its innovative beverages, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to form Lucky to Be Beverage Co. This new joint venture marks a significant step in the functional beverage industry, focusing on the development of a unique range of products infused with hemp, cannabinoids, mushrooms, and a variety of other beneficial ingredients.

GGII Functional Beverages Joint Venture Highlights:

  1. The Lucky to Be Beverage partnership brings together the expertise of both GGII and GSM’s veteran beverage executives.
  2. Lucky to Be Beverage Co. plans to develop, market, and sell innovative functional drinks, including hemp-based, functional mushrooms, natural seltzers, energy shots, natural and low sugar options, carbonated, non-carbonated, and general beverages.
  3. The joint venture will produce, promote, and distribute functional beverages exclusively in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  4. Manufacturing will take place in San Diego, CA, in an NSF-certified facility.
  5. Lucky to Be Beverage Co. has a diverse and extensive production capability offering full-size RTD Bottles, Health Shots, and Canned Products.
  6. Private Label and White Label are now available.

GGII and Good Stuff Manufacturing formed a new Nevada corporation, Lucky to Be Beverage Co. GGII and GSM each own fifty percent of the company’s equity interests. The company’s product line will feature an eclectic mix of beverages catering to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences. From hemp-infused drinks offering relaxation and stress relief to mushroom-based beverages loaded with antioxidants, Lucky to Be Beverage Co. is set to cater to the health-conscious consumer. The product line will also include general beverages, ensuring a comprehensive portfolio that appeals to a broad audience.

The leadership team at Lucky to Be Beverage Co., comprising veterans from GGII and GSM, brings a wealth of experience and a shared vision for innovation in the beverage sector. This collaborative effort is expected to drive significant growth and set new benchmarks in the industry.

“After eight years of building beverage brands and manufacturing products in the regulated cannabis space, this partnership with GGII allows us to bring our private label and copacking manufacturing services to the red-hot hemp cannabinoid beverage space. Working with GGII out of their NSF-certified facility will enhance our ability to offer turnkey, scalable beverage manufacturing solutions in all major form factors from shot to bottles to cans,” said Dan Grim, CEO of Good Stuff Manufacturing.

“The time to launch a functional beverage line is now,” said Jorge Olson, CMO, Co-Founder of Hempacco and GGII, and author of Build Your Beverage Empire 3rd edition, “with hemp, mushrooms, and other patents and IP, The Green Globe family of companies, including Lucky To Be Beverages, Green Star Labs, and Hempacco, are poised to make an impact in the life of consumers. I haven’t seen this type of opportunity since the old days of the Energy Drink boom seventeen years ago. I’ve known Dan Grim for almost a decade, and his tenacity and attention to the customer is uncanny. He’s a great partner for Hempacco and Green Globe and a terrific beverage CEO of Lucky To Be Beverage Co.

“I’ve been working in the beverage industry since meeting Jorge almost twenty years ago. Being a Miller Distributor, among many other beverages, we were proficient in beverage development, sales, and distribution. We’re pleased to announce we’re back in the beverage industry, now with functional beverages including hemp beverages and shots, and mushroom beverages and shots,” said Sandro Piancone, CEO and Co-founder of Green Globe and Hempacco. “In a partnership with Dan Grim, Green Star Labs, Hempacco, and Green Globe, we have the infrastructure in San Diego to R&D beverages and manufacture them in our NSF facility,” concluded Mr. Sandro Piancone.

About Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII):

Green Globe International (OTC Pink: GGII) is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods incubator and holding company of intellectual property, products, and companies that improve people’s lives by helping them feel and look better inside and out. GGII incubations include:

  • Gummies and Nutritional Supplements
  • Beauty Products, such as the ‘Lucky To Be’ brand
  • Functional beverages and shots, including hemp and mushrooms

Green Globe International (GGII) owns or has interests in several brands and companies, including Green Star Labs, Inc., changing how people feel about themselves inside and out with nutritional supplements, CBD, and beauty products, and hemp CBD cigarette and rolling paper manufacturer Hempacco Co. Inc., (NASDAQ: HPCO) Disrupting Tobacco’s™ $1 Trillion tobacco industry, with its subsidiaries and joint ventures including HempBox Vending, Inc. vending and advertising company, HPSD, Inc, a Joint Venture with Snoop Dogg developing hemp-derived products, HempHop Smokables, Inc., partnering with music producer and rapper Rick Ross, Cheech and Chong Smokables, Inc. delivering cannabinoid Hemp CBD cigarettes to consumers with Cheech and Chong as partners, StickIt Labs Ltd, manufacturing a line of cannabinoid sticks, and The Real Stuff Smokables, Inc., among others.

Green Globe is publicly traded under the ticker symbol “GGII” and continues to look for best-in-class companies, products, and patents to create Fast Moving Consumer Goods and channels to sell them, including retail automation and advertising platforms.

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About Good Stuff Manufacturing

Good Stuff Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Good Stuff Beverage Co, a beverage leader in the CA-regulated cannabis space since 2016. GSM offers a unique blend of deep beverage cannabinoid experience and a wide range of beverage manufacturing solutions, including private label formulations and copacking services in cans, full-size bottles, or shot sizes.

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For more information about Lucky to Be Beverage Co visit or to schedule an interview with the leadership team, please contact:

Sandro Piancone, CEO
Investor Relations:

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