Green Globe International Announces Project with SEA-el to Produce its Most Popular Line of Facial Moisturizer, Lamina Kelp Day Cream

Jorge Olson

November 22, 2022

SEA-el assigns Green Star Labs, a fifty-percent owned entity of Green Globe International, the product development and manufacturing of their kelp-based facial moisturizer available online and at Sprouts Market, Jimbo’s Naturally, and Mothers Market.

SAN DIEGO, CA – Green Globe International, Inc. (OTC Pink: GGII) today announced its fifty-percent owned entity, Green Star Labs, Inc., is collaborating with SEA-el, San Diego’s Natural, Ocean-Infused, Kelp-Based Skin Care Company, by developing and manufacturing their most popular line of facial moisturizer – Lamina Kelp Day Cream. Green Star Labs’ FDA-certified state-of-the-art facility in San Diego provides SEA-el with research, development, and manufacturing of their quality skincare products.

The Lamina Kelp Day Cream comes in an eco-friendly 2 oz / 59 ml glass jar. The glass packaging ensures the product’s quality and protects our oceans. It is a lightweight, creamy, revolutionary formula providing instant and long-lasting protection against the signs of aging. The moisturizer uses natural ingredients and is never tested on animals. This product can be found at Sprouts Market, Jimbo’s Naturally, Mothers Market, and on their online store

 “Working closely with SEA-el Corporation has been an honor, especially on their Lamina Kelp Day Cream, one of their top-selling products. It is a great experience working with a company looking to create clean, natural, and kelp-based products that benefit your skin,” said Ms. Melissa Perez, VP of Administration. “I am a witness that you will not find silicones, parabens, sulfates, GMOs, mineral oils, PEGs, chemical UV filters, petrolatum, or synthetic colors in the SEA-el brand. Our number one priority as manufacturers is to source pure, natural ingredients of the highest quality,” concluded Ms. Melissa Perez.

 “SEA-el skincare is a clean, natural, and healthy alternative to many other products on the market. The entire Green Star Labs team has been amazing to work with and has been so accommodating.  They share our vision to create the cleanest, most natural kelp-based skincare line possible,” stated Mr. Zane Greenberg, CEO of SEA-el. “Our Lamina Kelp Day Cream has become an overnight sensation.  We’re extremely excited for the Lamina Kelp Day Cream and all our innovative, natural products to continue to grow and help people’s skin for many years to come,” concluded Mr. Zane Greenberg.

Green Globe International (GGII) is fulfilling its goal of bringing fast-moving consumer goods products, including beauty products, to market. According to Statista, the Beauty & Personal Care market is thriving and one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, driven in particular by the Cosmetics and Skin Care segments. Worldwide revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to USD 564,438M in 2022. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.76% (CAGR 2022-2026).


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About Green Globe International, Inc. (GGII):
Green Globe International is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods incubator and holding company of intellectual property, products, and companies that better people’s lives by helping them feel and look better inside and out.

Green Globe International (GGII) owns or has interests in several brands and companies including; Green Star Labs, Inc., changing how people feel about themselves inside and out with nutritional supplements, CBD, and beauty products, and hemp CBD cigarette and rolling paper manufacturer Hempacco Co. Inc., (NASDAQ: HPCO) Disrupting Tobacco’s™ $1 Trillion tobacco industry, with its subsidiaries and joint ventures including HempBox Vending, Inc. vending and advertising company, Cali Vibes, Inc. Cannabinoid cigarettes, HempHop Smokables, Inc., partnering with music producer and rapper Rick Ross, Cheech and Chong Smokables, Inc. delivering cannabinoid Hemp CBD cigarettes to consumers with Cheech and Chong as partners, StickIt Labs Ltd, manufacturing a line of cannabinoid sticks, and The Real Stuff Smokables, Inc.

Green Globe is publicly traded under the ticker symbol GGII, and continues to look for best-in-class companies, products, and patents to create Fast Moving Consumer Goods and channels for selling them, including retail automation and advertising platforms.

 About SEA-el:

It’s 2010, and Zane Greenberg is living it up as a surfer in sunny San Diego. The more time he spends in the ocean, his skin looks better. After hitting the books, his research leads him to realize how great kelp is for your skin. Lightbulb moment: He starts a kelp-based skincare line. He’s out in the water one day, and a seal pops up between him. He sees the seal’s glossy, smooth skin – and that’s how he got the name Sea-el.

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