Green Star Labs: Supplements and beauty products

Jorge Olson

July 1, 2022

For all our subscribers. You might know us for our smokables. But today I’m going to talk about Green Star Labs. A new partnership that we have where we manufacture all types of nutritional supplements and beauty products from scratch.

You know us from our Hemp cigarettes, CBD cigarettes, other cannabinoid cigarettes and smokables, and all our smoking technology. but now it’s time to talk about our supplement manufacturing services.

As we have already mentioned, we now also produce top quality supplements and beauty products through another company called Green Star Labs, independently of our smokables.


Nutritional supplements and beauty products

Those are our two major categories. However, I want to talk specifically about:

  • How we deliver this and how you can start working with us. Maybe you already do smokeables with us, maybe not.
  • How you can transfer the manufacturing to us. Maybe you already have nutritional supplements again, maybe not. Wherever you are, you can transfer the manufacturing to us.

The important thing is that we can start from scratch working with you. And this is what we can do.

  • We work with many different companies.
  • We work hand in hand with the largest companies in the world developing their products and contract manufacturing their products. Right here where I’m sitting in San Diego, California.
  • We have our brand-new facility. 50,000 square foot facility.
  • GMP certified. That’s right, GMP certified and NSF certified.

Which NSF now puts us in probably the 1% of manufacturing companies in the entire country. What can we do in nutritional supplements and beauty? We can do product from scratch, number one.

We can develop in our lab products for you

  • We can source the ingredients for your products in nutritional supplements and in beauty.
  • We can also manufacture in house.

What type of manufacturing do we have?

  • We have many different machines; we have a whole production line.

Please come and look at our machines so that we can see how we manufacture. You are welcome to take the entire tour. Speak with our product development team and speak with our manufacturing team and why not? Also with our marketing team, so you can see how we market our own brands.

What do we have for you?

  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Small beverages
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • And much more.

We can help you structure a cannabinoid right for you: CBD, CBG, CBN or whatever you need in whatever delivery system you want.

Nutritional supplement manufacturers: We do it too

You can transfer your manufacturing to us, or we can start manufacturing something for you from scratch. We can do any type of cream. We get a lot of business. For moisturizers, for example, we can do roll-ons, which is my favorite type of delivery.

Now small roll-ons that you can use under your eyes for your skin, etc.

For retinol:

  • Eye cream
  • Day Cream
  • Beard oil for men, for women

We can do it all!

Call us, compare us to visit, take a tour of the facility. You’ll be impressed and I cannot wait to meet you.


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