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Jorge Olson

June 30, 2022

Hello and welcome to Green Star Labs. One of our specialties is beauty products manufacture. We deliver beauty products in many different modalities and many different functions. We can work with you to custom-develop whatever you need. We also have white label beauty products already available.

Yes, we manufacture our own brands and we manufacture as private label beauty suppliers for some of the largest brands in the world that sell in major retailers and through direct response on Amazon, on different websites, and even door to door. What can we do? How can we work together?

Listing some of the products we can manufacture:

  • Eye creams
  • We can do moisturizers
  • Roll-ons.
  • Skin care products
  • We can do whatever you want from scratch.

At Green Star Labs we provide high quality white label and private label services to develop premium branded products, which has made us the preferred beauty product manufacturers for many brands around the world.

GGII Beauty products manufacturer

Private label and White label manufacturer

We have the capability to handle the development and manufacturing of high volume products with the best quality.

How to create my own private label beauty products?

You come into the office, or we work on the phone or by zoom to create the right product with the right packaging. And yes, we can source all the packaging. And we test every ingredient. Contact us for a white label, private label, and contract manufacturing solutions.

This is Jorge Olson from Green Star, and I hope to meet you soon.


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